15 January 2007

Pilgrimage to Victory

Yesterday the wife told me her friend was in a karate tournament near Valley Forge, PA. Not being the history buff she is, I was a little confused as to the exact location. Once she said "just outside of Philadelphia", my brain said "VICTORY!"

"Victory" as in Victory brewing company!

Located in Downingtown, Victory's only about 20 minutes from Valley Forge, PA. Quite an allegory, salvation after hardship. In my case, after a long day at work. Unfortunately for the 11,000 men of George Washington's Continental Army, there was no Victory Brewing Company for their R&R and I'm sure the 18-century taverns paled in comparison.

We made it to Victory around late afternoon and already the restaurant area was brimming with people. Their 10 Years Alt was still on tap, so I started with a pint of that and enjoyed a pint of their Mad King Weiss with a rack of ribs. The restaurant area is large with a hint of a Bavarian beer hall feel. A long bar area backs up to a large window with a view of many shiny, stainless steel fermenters.

Before leaving, I presented my growler to the waitress for a fill with their Festbier. I also visited the gift shop and grabbed a few Victory gear items. On patron was busy buying 4 cases of beer, apparently a big fan as well!

Overall, the place is great. Last time I was there I toured the brewhouse, which was narrated by one of their management staff who certainly knew his way around and well knew the various functions of their brewery.

Again, I highly recommend a visit!


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