11 April 2007

What next?

So as I returned from my cellar this evening with Warsteiner Dunkel in hand, I found myself thinking, "what should I brew next?" For the immediate plans, it's going to be some barleywine have some ready for the fall/Christmas. Gonna do an Avery Hog Heaven clone and then my English barleywine as well, 5 gallons each. Then it's time to restock the K├Âlsch.

After that, I'm thinking about expanding out of my typical line-up of brews. Maybe an 80 Schilling Scottish ale, maybe a Dopplebock with all the 833 Bock yeast I have (highly likely!), maybe a Schwarzbier, maybe even do a Pale Ale or IPA for a change---yes, for a change. I usually don't brew them just 'cause I get tired of them. But every now and then you need something hoppy.

I seriously need to revamp my porter recipe. Did well in a few comps but it's just lacking something...

Anyway, stay tuned, you're sure to read about it here.


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