09 July 2007

Another trip to Michigan

...means another trip to Arbor Brewing and a stop at my favorite beer store!

Arbor Brewing had a great lineup as usual and some nice beers on the hand pump: their Sacred Cow IPA and their Milestone Cask Porter. Both delicious. We went there with some friends so we ordered their sampler, which was 13 3-ounce glasses of all their brews. Nicely done, all very good. They had a Rauchbier that tasted like liquid bacon (admittedly by their own description), which isn't really my thing but it was good for what it was. I just haven't acquired the smoked beer taste yet. Unfortunately their Terminator Dopplebock wasn't on tap but hopefully next time I'm in town, maybe it's a seasonal thing for them.

And without fail, I stoped by Anderson's in Toledo to grab some beers and some other items before heading home. They have a great selection and you can buy SINGLES, something you're not going to do here in Pretzelvania without paying out the wazoo. Didn't go hog wild this time, grabbed some Bell's Porter, Three Floyds Alpha King, Stone Pale Ale, Southern Tier Porter, Southern Tier IPA, Southern Tier UnEarthy IIPA, Salvator Dopplebock (the original, scheduled to die tonight), New Holland Blue Goat Dopplebock and Great Lakes Blackout Imperial Stout.

I'm especially looking forward to the bomber of Blue Goat Dopplebock! Gonna have to be a slow night for that one though.

And what better way to come home than for my dry stout to be carbonated, ready to drink and my K├Âlsch done fermenting?! A pint of stout was the perfect thing after a long day of driving 500 miles of turnpike.

Up next: brewing a hefeweizen for a club competition and a Three Floyds Alpha King clone!

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