14 August 2007

Alabama town considers going DRY

Link to Yahoo News Article

It appears some of the residents of Athens, Alabama retain the conviction that alcohol begets all that is bad. And to spare every reader with a political/religious tirade, I'll just say this: "What happened to Separation of Church and State, Reverend Eddie?!?!"

Ironically, the movement in Athens is encouraging the citizens to pray and fast---and when I think of fasting and alcohol, I think of the first monks that emigrated to Germany and sustained themselves with dopplebock, the ancestor of Paulaner Salvator. The outcome was much more prolific.

Someone needs a history lesson on why Prohibition failed. Perhaps Athens, Alabama can endure another ugly period in time; hopefully, the rest of the Country will never have to and as long as I'm here, I'm going to do my small share to ensure that doesn't happen by brewing beer, drinking beer, and blogging/talking/having a few pints with those that would agree that the world is a better place with beer.

Cheers, beer drinkers!!!

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