09 January 2008

Happy Brew Year!

Welcome to 2008!

First, a thanks and hello to some fellow homebrewers that have pumped up the activity on the blog! I tip my pint of Troegs Troegenator dopplebock to you!

Doesn't seem like that long ago I finally made a New Year's resolution to do something with that homebrew kit that was sitting in my basement for a year or so...

No, really!

And like any other homebrewer I was instantly hooked. So I did 10 extract-with-grains batches before deciding to try all-grain. 5 years, 58 all-grain batches and 510 gallons later, here I am.

That's 4,040 beers! Granted, a few of those batches were tossed due to one reason or another. Everyone gets at least one infected batch. Luckily, I've only had one or two. And lots of it have been given away, supplied at parties, etc. Fortunately, my liver isn't the sole beneficiary!!

So as we march into 2008, I've made a few Brew Year's resolutions: to take a shot at the top dog and defeat the competition in my homebrew club, and to try some new, haven't-brewed-this-yet styles (Schwarzbier, Saison, etc).

Next up: a Bavarian Dunkel and a Maibock, back-to-back on brewday!


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