24 April 2009

More hops!

Speaking of hops, I've decided to delve into the world of growing hops! After seeing pictures of fellow homebrewers with buckets full of fresh hop cones, I began to dream of trellises wrapped with hop vines and the aroma of a wet hop ale.

My friend Jason got me started by generously donating a Nugget rhizome, which has broken through the soil in its flower pot and is steadily inching skyward.

The excitement prompted me to buy a few more from Freshops: Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial. I had ordered them UPS Ground but got an email from Dave at Freshops saying that UPS Ground was too slow to Pennsylvania and that he'd send it Airmail with a refund (was cheaper too!). Less than a week later I had hop rhizomes in my mailbox with a few dollars tucked in. Now THAT'S service!

So thank you to Dave for the excellent service and thank you to Jason for pushing me in the right direction. I now have the construction of 12-foot 4"x4" posts joined by wire and twine sticking out of my yard to look forward to!



Barking Beagle Brewing Company said...

Glad I could feed another level of addiction.

OSBC said...

Right you are, sir!