19 December 2006


First, lately there's been a lot of traffic to my humble blog from all over the US and even as far away as Venezuela. Gracias!

Now on with the show!

If you just happen to be within driving distance of Philadelphia, you'd really be letting yourself down if you didn't stop by Victory Brewing Co. in Downingtown. Any beer lover that has tasted Victory's beers would agree and I promise you: a visit to the brewpub makes their beer taste that much better.

Like some HopDevil IPA...on cask.

Besides some cool gear and cases of bottled beer in their gift shop, a tour of the brewery is a must-do. Last summer they installed eight new 200 barrel fermenters to complement the 2004 upgrade, a 50 barrel Rolec brewhouse. Believe me when I say it's very impressive!

In addition to their already-diverse lineup of brews, they're working on some more seasonal and specialty beers. Currently available at the brewpub is their Scarlet Fire Rauchbier. Last time I visited, they even had a Baltic Porter on tap; something you're not going to find in the beer store.

So print out the directions and hit the road! You won't be disappointed.

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