12 December 2006

Who wants another IPA?

Not me.

Don't get me wrong, I love IPAs but they've become a brewing cliché in the homebrewing world. Everyone makes an IPA.

Ever notice a lot of successful brewpubs/breweries do make an IPA, but also make a few more styles that differentiate themselves from others?

How about lagers? For that matter, how many craft breweries make lagers?

I know, I know. Can't afford the chest freezer/refrigerator and $50 temperature controller. But you can afford the conical for your IPA.

I don't get it. Conspicuously and constantly missing are lagers at my homebrew club meetings. I'm not saying lagers are the be-all, end-all of homebrewing. But how about something a little different than the brown, stout, Belgian pale and IPA offerings for a change?

Give me a Munich Dunkel over an IPA anyday, my taste buds are bored.


Nate said...

Great comments!! I am known around here and from other Homebrewers that I know as the guy that always has something different brewing. It can lead to some dumped batches and beers that sit in my fridge awhile though. I will still do my occassional IPA just because I have only made one and want to make it perfect but usually I am adding a little something different or brewing a hard to find style. I am making a jump to lagers this winter with a Marzen, hope it goes well.


OSBC said...

Thanks Nate! Don't get me wrong, I sometimes get a craving for hops. But a little goes a long way. ;-)

Good luck with the Märzen!