08 May 2007

More on comps

Speaking of the National Homebrew Competition, I just learned last night that my friend and fellow brewclub guy Bill has placed twice in the first round! Bill got 2nd place for his English Pale Ale (which he said was his first time brewing it) and 3rd for his American Ale. Likewise, another brewer from my club, Dave, got first place in the American Ale category. And in the West, a few compatriots of mine (Jamil and Jason) scored as well---Jamil, not suprisingly. The guy was a Ninkasi Award winner, among other awards.

Dave also beat me out last night at our club's Oktoberfest/Märzen/Vienna competition---he got 1st, I got 2nd. One of the judges told me the 1st and 2nd places were very close, almost to personal preference, which was humbling as Dave is one hell of a brewer!

Congrats to all!!


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