23 May 2007

Say Hello to My Little Friends!

Two, count 'em---two, forward-seal faucets! Finally got these up, almost running. My birthday was a few weeks back and that meant goodies! Got two faucets, two 4" stainless steel shanks, tail pieces and nuts, etc. The shanks were on backorder so it took a little while for them to get in but well worth the wait. Personally, I'd rather have beer in contact with stainless steel than chrome-plated brass. More durable, will never have to be replaced. Plus the stainless shank is only roughly $7-8 more. The faucets, on the other hand, are more than twice as much but eliminates the sticking that rear-seal faucets get and are more durable as well. In my opinion, if you're going to drop the coin to do something like this, do it right!!

Installing taps means making a wood collar for the beer freezer (temp-controlled kegerator) so you don't have to drill through the top of the freezer. Some 2x4s and some nice oak 1x6s to cover does the trick nicely. Then just hook up the beer line and let 'er rip!

Maybe by the end of summer I can have 4 of them up and running!

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