10 October 2007


This past weekend kicked off another stride of construction in the ol' basement. A good friend of mine stopped by and helped me wire the place and the next day I started hanging insulation. The basement includes my back room, which is where all the brewing-type things happen (fermentation, yeast propagation, serving freezer, endless cleaning, etc.)---minus the actual wort production process; that happens in the garage or outside on a nice day. It also includes my bar with four VentiMatic faucets that run straight from my serving freezer. Once it's carpeted and the furniture and LCD TV go down there, I think my wife may have to forcibly remove me from my "man cave".

It is nice to be able to build things the way you want them, though. Outlets for the temperature controlled freezers, one here and there for miscellaneous items, shelving, etc. Once I finish framing the HVAC chase I'll be hanging moisture-resistant drywall. Maybe some epoxy on the floor someday. Who knows.

For now, I just have to suffer through not having any light in the back room---it's wired, just needs to have the overhead 48" lights hung after the drywall goes up. Until then, it's a 1,000-watt tripod light. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot.

Pictures? They're coming. That place is looks terrible right now!


Eric Trimmer said...

"...I think my wife may have to forcibly remove me from my 'man cave'"

More likely you'll have to shoo your wife from her new "hen roost!"

OSBC said...

As long as I have my bar and my back room, I'll be happy. ;-)