07 May 2008

Pleasant surprises

So far a good week for beer, only to get better by the weekend (Friday's my birthday and it's going to involve enjoying good beer of course).

Monday night was my brew club's meeting night and quarterly competition. The style this time: bock. Traditional bock/Helles bock/Dopplebock/Eisbock, take your pick. I brewed up 5 gallons of Jamil's Angel Wings Maibock and took 1st place! Enjoyed a pint or two after the meeting downstairs in Brewer's Alley as a victory dance of sorts...brewmaster Tom had a great selection on tap. The dunkelweizen and Pils on tap were both very good.

Then, tonight after running some errands, we decided to visit one of my fav bottle stores. The wife grabbed two bottles of local wine while I perused the beer selection (mind you, I have 5 gallons of Maibock on tap and a half-case of Bell's Two Hearted Ale as well). I hadn't before noticed the small beer fridge in the back containing a few 22oz bombers; nor did I before notice the shelves immediately to the left of the fridge that were FULL of 22oz bombers! Stone, Southern Tier, La Chouffe, Allagash, Arcadia, Victory...beers that I was previously picking up 500 miles away while visiting family. I grabbed a 22oz of Southern Tier Barleywine and a 500ml bottle of Reissdorf K├Âlsch.

They know their stuff and the staff is friendly and helpful. By far my favorite bottle shop.

Stay tuned, Friday is going to be fun!

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