02 May 2008


Homebrewing requires a lot of patience at times; especially in the case of lagers. Lagers take time and the ability to slow down and pay attention to what's going on. Rushing a Munich Helles is like trying to bed Melissa Theuriau by saying voulez vous coucher avec moi: the result would most likely be futile and humiliating. (you're welcome) My Maibock requires the same level of babying.

Luckily, with a club bock competition coming up Monday, it was absolutely necessary to pull a pint to check for...erm, flaws etc. No other reason. Really! After a slight hiatus, it's nice to see the taps flowing again.

Meanwhile, work on my man-cave (ok, so it's not just mine) has resumed. The brew room has come to resemble the aftermath of an F5 tornado, making brewing that much more difficult.

In times of great stress and multiple irons in the fire, the reward of patience and vigilant respect in paying homage to one of the greatest brewing styles in the world is in itself greatly gratifying, first sip to last.


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