30 August 2008

Oktoberfest approaches

Oktoberfest in Munich may be a few more weeks off and smaller celebrations state-side as well, but the brewers haven't failed to deliver the beer world's Harbinger of Fall!

While at my local bottle store yesterday, I perused their singles rack and noted 5 or 6 Oktoberfest beers...Victory Festbier, Hacker-Pschorr, Warsteiner, Spaten. All kicking out the Oktoberfest. I settled upon a sixer of Sam Adams Octoberfest, as I haven't had it in some time.

The local brewers haven't failed to disappoint either. Appalachian Brewing has their Kipona Fest on tap, Victory has their Festbier flowing, and Tröegs has their Oktoberfestbier as a specialty in their Scratch Beer Series, available only in cases and on tap at the brewery (probably not for much longer!)


1 comment:

Eric Trimmer said...

It's lager time!

I love September.