06 August 2008

Let there be DUNKEL!

After reading Eric's comment about a place in York that sells more Sly Fox than my local store, I begged of him the location. He kindly called me and gave me the coordinates. So after my errands were done, it was off to DJ's Westgate Beverage.

Their selection was approaching that of Westy's in Camp Hill. DJ's gets points: Troegs, Sly Fox, Stone, Victory (saw a case of 10 Years Alt!), Southern Tier, Bluepoint, Sam Adams, Clipper City---even saw some Hook and Ladder Brewing Company brews from Silver Spring, MD. Looked like they had a nice cigar selection as well, unfortunately which I didn't have time to explore; the wife just got off work and the kids were getting restless. Swoop and scoop as we say in the EMS business.

Eric reminded me that sometimes they have the Dunkel and sometimes not. As a reward for my determination, daring, and---well, just thirst for some good Sly Fox beer, I picked up the last case of Dunkel. I didn't notice until I got home that the case read "Best Before 4/28/08". I've drank worse. But I was pleasantly surprised when I cracked a can, poured it in a glass and took a sip. Sly Fox doesn't disappoint, even 3 months past the "fresh date". It is good beer, afterall. Missing were the cases of Sly Fox Pale Ale, Royal Weiss, and Rt. 113 IPA. Hopefully they'll stock up now that I've completely depleted them of Pheonixville brews.

So thanks Eric! I tip my second pint of Dunkel to you tonight!


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