21 July 2008

Sly Fox Update

Just got an email from Sly Fox with their latest news.

Looks like some 750ml offerings of Incubus, a Belgian Trippel, and Saison VOS; the former available on tap the first Friday of every month at the Pheonixville location. As well, on the second Friday of the month (July through November) their IPA project brew goes on tap.

Last but not least, it looks like some more cases of Sly Fox beer will soon be available. Hopefully they'll have more at my local case 'n' keg than just one case of Pheonix Pale Ale. To boot, they have an impressive line up! Brian O'Reilly must be one busy brewer!

All this makes me really wish I were closer to Sly Fox...or that gas was less expensive. Unfortunately it's more likely that I'll move to Pheonixville than gas prices drop appreciably.


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Eric Trimmer said...

They have the Phoenix Pale, Dunkel Lager and Royal Weiss in cans, plus the big bottles of Rte. 113 IPA at my local beer store.

Good stuff, all of it.

I went to Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, adjacent to Phoenixville. A friend of mine used to waitress there and bring growlers of beer back to us after her shifts were over. Good times.

However, O'Reilly wasn't brewing for Sly Fox at that time. But during my senior year, a really nice brewpub (now defunct) opened up in Collegeville, and O'Reilly was head brewer. I didn't know or care who he was back then, but his beer was really good.

They had a beer called Procrastinator, a spicy double bock, which bears a striking resemblance to Sly Fox's Instigator. If I ever meet him, I'll ask about it.

Also, I've heard about a Sly Fox beer named Blob Ale, after the movie. Big, hoppy DIPA I think. I would like a bottle or two of that, especially if it has Blob imagery on the bottle. (If you've seen "The Blob," you'll recognize the downtown Phoenixville theater where some of the movie was filmed.)