15 July 2008

Hofbrauhaus, Abbottstown

Sunday my parents stopped by and took us out to the Hofbrauhaus Pub and Eatery in Abbottstown. Presumably named after the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, it's definitely one of my favorite haunts in the area. German beer on tap and in bottle (Warsteiner, Spaten, Franziskaner, more), German cuisine like sauerbraten, spaetzel, rouladen. All that's missing is the Oompah band and jumbo pretzels. And of course they have light lagers on tap and in the bottle for those of you who like it fizzy and pale. But with their tap list and location, it'd be a sin not to venture beyond the yellow stuff.

They don't skimp on the portions either. I had the tree sausage platter, of which I picked knockwurst, bauernwurst, and bratwurst with sauerkraut and spaetzel. Started off with a pint of Warsteiner Dunkel and finished up with some Franziskaner Dunkelweizen. Fearing my stomach would explode, it was time to go.

The Hofbrauhaus is a definite stop and doesn't disappoint. Just west of the traffic circle on 30. Check 'em out.


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