08 September 2008

My time of year

I did allude to my love of Fall, in terms of beer. It's not just the beer though (yes, you read that right).

The stores are already getting their Halloween gear, candy, wreathes of orange, yellow, and brown leaves out. Soon the leaves will fall, the lawn mower will be drained of gas, the cornstalks will be cut and the sweatshirts will come off the hanger. The air becomes crisp, the wind picks up, and the morning commute to work stays darker for a little longer.
Yesterday I had a colossal hankerin' for some spaetzle, wurst, and of course beer, but by the time the wife got home from work my fav local destination for German consumables would be soon closing. It was Sunday afternoon, afterall. So when you can't go to the Hoffbrauhaus, bring the Hoffbrauhaus to you!!

I grabbed a spaetzle recipe and headed to the store for some bratwurst, kraut, and buns. It was my first time making spaetzle, and it turned out very well. So much in fact that there was none left whatsoever and the wife reiterated her interest in it's production once again!

I grabbed my German drinking song CD, my last bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest, and a plate of chow. It wasn't long before my oldest was singing "Ein Prosit", something I'm sure will confuse his preschool teachers. I hinted to my wife that all that was missing was dirndl, to which I got that "look". Ah well, the food was good, the beer was good, and I was with my family. Couldn't get much better than that.

Ein Prosit, der Gem├╝tlichkeit!

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