24 November 2008

Early Christmas present

Eric over at Trouble Brewing organized a group buy for Beer Appreciation 102. One of my local fellow homebrewers was kind enough to grab my case over at The Beer Yard in Wayne, PA while I was spending another 24 at work. And today Christmas came a little early! Thanks, Eric!

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In other news, I sadly had to retire my old serving freezer. It worked well for a while but began to go downhill. It was 20-25 years old, after all, so I didn't see putting more money into it. Instead, I scored a 20 cubic foot refrigerator off of Craigslist, did some basic modifications, and the taps are now back in service!



Travis said...

Thats a good looking setup on the fridge. Are the taps just mounted on the outside?

OSBC said...

Thanks Travis.

Actually, I was thinking about just mounting the taps on the outside of the fridge. I have taps on a wall just on the other side and was running lines from the old chest freezer. I couldn't make up my mind, so I asked the wife---she said "I dunno, I think it's kinda cool having the taps behind the bar".

Funny thing is she doesn't even drink beer! But she doesn't bat an eye at my brewing activities either. So I kept 'em on the wall and ran lines out of the side of the fridge.


Freak said...

Lookin' good! I need to build a wood platform like that in my fridge. Mine has the same bottom in it. Only holds 2 kegs now but, it could hold 5 or 6 if I built a platform like you did.

Freak Out!

OSBC said...

Thanks Freak!

I grabbed a small piece of plywood at the local mega-hardware store (Lowe's). Luckily they sold small pieces so I didn't have to buy a whole 4x8 sheet. Cut to size, screwed in a scrap 2x4 piece and voila! Fits 6 comfortably.