10 December 2008

Looking ahead

Been more back in the swing of things lately, despite Christmas around the corner. My homebrew club released the competition brews for next year, so I at least know what to brew when in terms of that: English Bitter/Pale Ale (BJCP category 8) for February, Pilsner (2) for May, Light Hybrid Beer (6) for August, Smoke and Wood-Aged Beer (22)for November.

January of 2009 also marks 6 years of brewing for me! My next batch will mark #75 as well (65th all-grain). Will I break 100 next year? As far as the Feds know I won't...

I'll also be making some Maibock for the springtime---this time I'll be making 10 gallons, as 5 gallons seems to go rather quickly! Also some Oktoberfest for the fall and probably a Dopplebock pretty soon for the fall as well...you read that right, for the fall. We're talking at least 6 months of aging!

I'm also looking to get back on the competition circuit a bit. I did pretty well in the past, but this past year I just haven't put forth a lot of effort. Regrettably so. The winnings are nice and even if you don't win, it's still great feedback and motivation.

But for now, I'm patiently awaiting some ingredients for an Oatmeal Stout brewday this weekend. Santa UPS man should be here tomorrow! And to tide me over, I'll be closely following Eric's recommendations for Beer Appreciation 102.



Barking Beagle Brewing Company said...

When are you brewing, mate? Maybe I can finally get over there! I have a Dubbel slated up next, I'll post the recipe.

OSBC said...

I'll give you one hint: one pound of flaked oats. ;-)