12 December 2008


Ok, creative types. Do you like beer?

For years I've been trying to come up with something as a logo and although my Photoshop (GiMP) skills are basic, I lack the killer creativity some of you right brainers have. Interested in helping? How about 2 cases of whatever kind of homebrew you want? Ok, to some that sounds like offering a bag of McDonald's...here's some consideration.

Interested now? That's right, you make an award-winning logo, I make you award-winning beer!

Of course, the namesake of my brewery has to do with my other calling: firefighting. I'm thinking maltese cross, pick head axes, mash paddles and hop cones. If interested, drop me a line at DualLines at Yahoo.

Now get to work!


Greg Priebe said...

Consider the challenge accepted :)al

OSBC said...


Freak said...

My brother in-law is a graphic artist. He works for a construction engineering company in Omaha. He used to brew but has not been at it for a while. I will give you his e-mail address. Tell him you talked to Keith. He can make you a professional drawing.

Justin Schillerberg


Get hold of him. He may want to do it for you.

Freak Out!

Ben Spiegel said...

What is the name of your brewery???

I may accept the challenge.

OSBC said...

Old Station Brewing Co. (guess I should define that somewhere on here! D'oh!)