27 January 2009

Best East Coast Brewery?

Best East Coast Craft Brewery? | thefullpint.com - Craft Beer News, Reviews and Event Coverage.

A poll at TheFullPint.com wants to know who you think the best East Coast brewery is. Quite a tough choice in my opinion, and it's nice to see good breweries on the list. At the posting of this blog entry, Dogfish Head leads with Victory Brewing Co. a close second. With all due respect to Sam Calagione and while I agree that Dogfish Head is stellar in terms of innovation, creativity and is an industry leader, could they produce a well-made Helles? A clean, malty Dopplebock? Where would they be without megadoses of alpha acids (Raison d'Etre notwithstanding)? In their own defense, their name does include the phrase "Craft Brewed Ales".

My money is on Victory. Equally adept at hoppy ales like HopDevil and Hop Wallop, malty lagers like St. Victorious, and estery Belgians like V-Twelve and Golden Monkey. There's a reason why they have a German-born 50 barrel Rolec brewhouse and yes folks, they do decoction. But that's just my opinion.

EDIT: TheFullPint just added Flying Dog, presumably excluded initially because Flying Dog Brewery is still "new" to the area. That'd be a close call for my vote as I do like Flying Dog!

So get over there and cast your vote!



Barking Beagle Brewing Company said...

Your bias toward the Continental beers is obvious, my good friend. We need a brewery to represent the English styles with authority!

OSBC said...

That is true, I suppose I am biased. I always say German brewers are the best in the world, second only to American. ;-)

Barking Beagle Brewing Company said...

Indeed. It's not a bad thing to be partial to German brewers! After all, so much of the science of brewing was figured out and tested in Deutschland!

OSBC said...

Das stimmt!!

Anonymous said...

Belgians are really good at making beer, especially their monks.
That aside, as the best brewery on the East coast, Ommegang and Weyerbacher get my vote.