26 January 2009

We Have the Technology

This morning I did a little browsing add-ons for FireFox and grabbed a few that made reading RSS feeds

First off, if you don't already know that FireFox is---in beer terms---like Avery Hog Heaven Barleywine to the Coors Light that is Microsoft Internet Explorer: lots of people like the latter because of mass-marketing and cheap production, but the former is light years better. And I'm only speaking in terms of functionality at this point, nevermind security.

What motivated my search was the need to incorporate my RSS feeds into FireFox to make single-platform viewing easier. Fortunately, there is an add-on called Brief that handles that task well. I have quite a few feeds (many beer-related of course), seen in a screen shot here.

(And if you can recommend any beer RSS feeds you don't see there, please let me know!!)

Also, you'll see TwitterFox in the lower right corner. Another great add-on that posts to Twitter and receives feeds from people you're following.

Finally, I've just started using the ScribeFire add-on to compose and publish my blog. Pretty neat!

Tonight I'll raise a pint to the Mozilla and FireFox add-on developers. Keep up the good work!



Greg Priebe said...

You should check out Ping.fm and tumblr as well!

OSBC said...

Thanks bud, will do!