27 November 2006

20 gallons bubbling!

I took advantage of the holiday weekend and the fact that both my wife and I were off and with her good graces did some brewing. On Wednesday I brewed B3's Christmas Ale. Nice malty pale ale with some all-spice, cinnamon, and ginger. Should come in at about 6% abv.

Then on Friday it was 5 gallons of Porter, with a little something extra: 8 ounces of Hershey's dark cocoa. Smelled wonderful, can't wait until it's ready! That'll end up at a modest 5% abv.

Finally on Saturday, it was time to keep the kegs filled with K├Âlsch. 10 gallons, about 4.75% abv.

This brings me to 56 batches and 415 gallons over the past 4 years! Feels good to brew like a monk!

Now that the cellar temperature is dropping, it's time to start brewing lagers. Next up is a Munich-style Dunkel with the grain bill being mostly Munich malt and Vienna Malt and a conservative charge of Hallertauer bittering hops. After that, it'll be 10 gallons of Maibock for the Spring and will be trying to work in 10 gallons of barleywine, 10 gallons of dopplebock, and maybe even a Bavarian Helles too.


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