14 November 2006

What next?

Turns out I haven't brewed in---oh, almost 2 months. Been busy with a class at work a few times a week and the wife picked up a few days here and there at work. Brewing with 2 kids 3-and-under is pretty tough. But maybe, just maybe I can do it tomorrrow. I need to get some K├Âlsch fermenting for back-up.

After that it's a Christmas Ale that I was going to brew for a November club competition, but didn't get to it in time. Again, work, class, blah blah blah. Should be nice---a little ginger, a little all-spice, a little cinnamon at flame-out.

Then it's a little tweak on my porter. Took a trip to Chocolate Town, USA a few months ago and happened to see some dark chocolate cocoa among the miriad of offerings there. 8oz of dark chocolate cocoa at flame-out will add nicely to the porter.

Then it's back to the lager world with a Munich-style dunkel. Haven't brewed that in a year!

And finally on the list, it's time to crank out some more Barleywine!! Gonna need lots of yeast, will soon be time to barter with the local brewers.


Greg Priebe said...


here's another idear...

What do you think the "Dutch Process" cocoa would be like in there?

OSBC said...

Not sure. According to the container it's Dutch Processed. Although acidity and sharpness isn't as much as an issue here since once it hits 200°+ wort, it's going to start quickly degrading. Searches on using cocoa in brewing doesn't reveal any hard-and-fast rules, except that it (1) needs to be added at flameout and (2) you need to use a cocoa with minimal fat content to maintain head stability. With roasted barley, as in this porter, there's already going to be some assertive flavors so it may need a little "oomph" to shine through that. Luckily, cocoa is more forgiving as a brewing ingredient than, say, nutmeg...a little too much of that and you may as well dump the batch.

Guess we'll have to wait and see what it tastes like.