26 February 2008

Maryland Senate puts the screws to Maryland homebrewers AND winemakers

Hot off the presses this morning, here is some legislation aimed at requiring those who teach homebrewing in Maryland to acquire a $250 license, in addition to some other fees:

1. $50 for a solicitor's permit, an individual storage permit, a nonresident winery permit, or a commercial nonbeverage permit;
2. $75 for a public storage permit, a public transportation permit, or an import and export permit;
3. $100 for a public storage and transportation permit, a nonresident dealer permit, or a bulk transfer permit;
4. $400 for a family beer and wine facility permit;
5. $10 for a direct wine seller?s permit; AND

With the introduction of Governor O'Malley (aka Martin the Teflon Leprechaun), it seems Maryland residents have had a new tax to pay every week.

Want to let 'em know your opinion? Email the sponsors:

TODD L. SCHULER, Democrat, District 8, Baltimore County
JOSEPH C. BOTELER III, Republican, District 8, Baltimore County
ERIC M. BROMWELL, Democrat, District 8, Baltimore County

I may not be a Maryland resident anymore, but my family, friends, and homebrewing brethren are. Enough is enough!


Anonymous said...

Its this type of attitude the Maryland Law Makers have that makes me glad I left that communist state and moved to West Virginia. Remember the Maryland Creed : If you can think it , We can tax it!

Maryland Law Makers are just making themselves look bad across the country by doing this to their citizens and to those voters who are good enough to put them in office.

Eric Trimmer said...

If this bill passes, will Maryland homebrewers have to show a permit to purchase supplies?

OSBC said...

Not sure yet. Gary Glass of the AHA has been in contact with one of the Representatives. Apparently there's a disconnect between the intent and the wording.

More to come...